Country Court Animal Hospital

125 West Dundee
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089


Our chairs are also light and easy to move, in case of shy patients hiding under them....The first time we painted this room pink, it came out VERY pink, earning a nickname of the Pepto-Bismol Room until we could repaint it!

Our exam rooms include more comfortable chairs, charts of the various dog and/or cat breeds, a scale for weighing smaller pets, and the equipment needed for your pet's physical exam. All pets must have someone holding them the entire time they are on a table; if you are unable to hold your own pet, we will be happy to have an assistant come in to help. 


Such an adoring look!

 The blue room includes a "lift table" so that larger dogs can walk onto the table close to the floor, and then ride up to the height needed for exams, rather than having to pick them up or work only on the floor.  Dr. Block is demonstrating here with her own dog, Charlie; he's not too heavy to lift, but he enjoyed the ride anyway!







Next up, our in-house laboratory....