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Shelters and Rescue Groups


Looking for a new addition to you family?  There are a wide variety of shelters and rescue groups in the Chicago area, some specializing in specific breeds, ages, or species, while others accept any pet in need.


The Buddy Foundation  Arlington Heights, IL - A no-kill haven for stray, abused and abandoned animals since 1995, The Buddy Foundation is named for a beloved collie of one of the founders.  The Buddy Foundation runs a large no-kill shelter, but pets are placed with foster families whenever possible.  If you're looking for a dog, cat, puppy, or kitten, The Buddy Foundation is a great place to start!

Young At Heart  - Specializes in mature and senior pets, gives a discount on adoption fees to senior adopters.

Greater Chicago Ferret Association  - Operates a no-kill ferret shelter - why buy when you can adopt and save a life?

House Rabbit Society of Chicago  - Rabbit rescue and great information on rabbit care

Critter Corral  - Specializes in guinea pigs

Greater Chicago Cage Bird Club  - A wide variety of pet birds, now available to qualified non-members (but membership is a great resource for any bird owner!)


 Tails Magazine list of Chicagoland Shelters and Rescue Groups and of groups specializing in specific breeds of dogs and cats