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Informative Videos

On this page, we've provided a handful of videos we found to be useful for owners. These will contain signs to look for in identifying a specific issue in your pet(s), as well as helpful demonstrations on treating certain problems.

Canine Reverse Sneeze:
Reverse sneezing is typically caused by an irritation in their nose, sinus, or back of the throat. Although it may sound concerning, reverse sneezing has no ill effect on the dog's health.

Cleaning Ears (canine):
While keeping your dog's ears clean is not only an important step in minimizing the risk of developing an ear infection, it's also necessary to clean after administering a medication in the ear. Breeds with longer ears are more prone to developing an ear infection, so ear cleaning may be required more frequently.

Cleaning Ears (feline):
Unless directed by your veterinarian, or your cat requires cleaning after administering ear medication, routine ear cleaning typically isn't necessary.

How to Pill a Dog:
Correct methods for administering oral medication to your dog.

How to Pill a Cat:
A gentle and effective way to give your cat a pill or liquid medication.

Proper Cat Handling:
Dr. Burstyn and his feline friend demonstrate how to pick up a cat in a way that is comfortable for the cat and safe for you. Squish that cat!