Country Court Animal Hospital

125 West Dundee
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089


Our surgical suite includes gas anesthetic and oxygen, as well as monitors for breathing, heart rate, oxygen levels, blood pressure, and CO2 breathed out, so that we can be alerted to any changes during anesthesia as early as possible. All surgeries are given IV fluids to support their kidneys and help them flush anesthetic out of their systems once their procedure is complete.


We use a laser surgical unit which results in much less bleeding and less pain for our patients.







Like humans, sometimes a pet is confused when they wake up.  A gentle touch can help reassure them.

A single technician stays with the case from start to finish, monitoring the patient and assisting the veterinarian, and keeping an eye on patients as they awaken on a heated mat or in an incubator.






We also have a separate dental suite....